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Welcome to The Thornhill Club's Golf Experience Discover the extraordinary golf offerings at The Thornhill Club, featuring two stunning courses and the cutting-edge Thornhill Indoor Golf Centre (TIGC).


Championship Course (18-hole)
A Shot Maker’s Dream.
Designed by the renowned golf course architect Stanley Thompson in 1922, our 18-hole Championship Course is a masterpiece that has hosted the PGA Canadian Open. Immerse yourself in the classic design elements, including strategic bunkering, the illusion of distance, dramatic variations in hole length and fairway width, intricate mounding, subtly breaking greens, and elevated tees. It’s a timeless oasis on a magnificent rolling landscape.

  • Stanley Thompson's Legacy: Crafted by the legendary architect, our course embodies his design philosophy.
  • PGA Canadian Open Venue: Proud host of prestigious golf events, enhancing its reputation.
  • Strategic Features: From bunkering to subtly breaking greens, every element challenges and refines your game.
  • Timeless Beauty: A natural oasis offering breathtaking views, making every round an unforgettable experience.

Valley Course (9-hole)A Great Place to Learn & Have Fun.
Perfect for beginners and those seeking a relaxed game, our 9-hole Valley Course weaves through parts of the Championship Course. It's where imagination takes over, dreams come true, and golf becomes an enjoyable journey.

  • Beginner-Friendly Layout: Ideal for easing into the game and enjoying quality time on the course.
  • Imaginative Atmosphere: Let your creativity flow in a setting that encourages learning and fun.

Thornhill Indoor Golf Centre (TIGC)Elevate Your Game, Anytime.
Experience golf beyond seasons at our state-of-the-art Thornhill Indoor Golf Centre. The next season starts today, with our Thompson Bay Simulator incorporating Clubhead Measurement technology for precise insights.

  • Year-Round Improvement: Maintain your swing purity with our indoor facilities, ensuring continuous progress.
  • Clubhead Measurement Technology: Get indispensable insights on Club Head Speed, Angle of Attack, Smash Factor, Club Path, and more.
  • Unmatched Experience: Elevate your golfing journey with the latest enhancements and cutting-edge technology.

Practice Facilities & LessonsRefine Your Skills, Anytime.
Our pristine practice facility offers a covered area for year-round practice. The Thornhill Learning Centre, staffed by PGA of Canada Professionals, provides lessons and clinics to enhance your overall enjoyment of the game.

  • Covered Practice Area: Natural and artificial tees for year-round practice with protection from the elements.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from PGA of Canada Professionals to improve your game.
  • Dedicated Learning Centre: Enhance your knowledge, skills, and overall enjoyment of golf.

Junior ProgrammingNurturing Future Champions.
We take pride in family involvement, and our strong junior program offers young golfers a chance to learn, grow, and enjoy the sport for years to come.

  • Family-Focused: Emphasizing family involvement and a supportive community.
  • Comprehensive Junior Program: Camps, clinics, and interclub opportunities for ages 8 to 18.
  • Building Future Golf Enthusiasts: Fostering a love for golf in the next generation.

Join The Thornhill Club and Experience Golf Excellence TodayWhether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, our golf offerings cater to all skill levels, making The Thornhill Club the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts. Elevate your game and enjoy an unparalleled golfing experience in the heart of Toronto.